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Chain Link

Chain link fences are our most common product. If you are looking for strength and long service life, and also don’t want to spend as much money, chain link is the fence for you. All of our posts and wire are powder coated so they won't rust. We offer 4’, 5’, and 6’.  Also if you would like something more attractive than galvanized, you can choose the black vinyl coated chain link fence.

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Product Specs 

- 2 1/2" terminal posts .065

- 1 5/8" line posts .065 

- 1 3/8" top rail .065

- Steel loop caps

- Fully welded gates

- 11 gauge galvanized before weave chain link wire (no burs on wire)

- All posts pounded to stop heaving and makes for easy repairs (in case a tree or car hits your fence)

- 15-year warranty

- Black chain link posts and fittings are all powder coated 

- Vinyl-coated black chain link wire


4' Galvanized Chain link


8' Double Gate

Chain link fence

4' Galvanized Chain Link


4' Black Vinyl Chain Link

Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 9.17.33 PM.JPEG

4' Black Vinyl Chain Link

5' Black Chain Link

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